Import FDX as file, without conversion?

Is there a way to import a Final Draft FDX file into Scrivener without converting it to a Scrivener document? I’d like to have an icon in the binder that I can double-click to launch Final Draft and open a particular document.

Thanks for the help.

It wouldn’t be inside the project, but you could attach a Bookmark to the file to an empty document.

Is there a way to display the bookmark in the binder?

Try creating an alias to the FDX file in Finder, and then dropping the alias into the binder. That should trigger a Quick Look preview of the document, if there is something installed on the system that would render QL previews for FDX files. This would also work in an identical fashion to aliased research items in the binder.

If that doesn’t work initially, try renaming the alias to “display name.fdx” from “display name.fdx Alias”, as I recall that confusing Quick Look.

Thanks for that. The bookmark works better, because I can launch FD by double-clicking the bookmark.

Ultimately, I guess this is a feature request: I’d like to be able to drag Project bookmarks into the binder without having them converted. I’d like the ability to launch a bookmark from the binder with a double click.

As with all imported document types not imported as full text, as would be the case here since we used the alias trick, you can use the Navigation ▸ Open ▸ in External Editor shortcut to do that. Same for PDFs, images, etc.