Import files + associated metadata?

I have a bunch of files (research and drafts) that I want to import to my project. Does Scrivener have any way to also import keywords and/or labels when importing files? Did a lot of keyword tagging on documents in other programs already, and may be able to transform that metdata into an importable format, assuming Scrivener has the ability to consume metadata for files as it imports them.

As files on the disk, no it will not attempt to discover metadata stored in different file formats and turn that into Scrivener metadata. If this is what you mean, I would recommend importing in topical batches, so that you can more easily bulk apply appropriate metadata in Scrivener.

But if you’re talking about getting binder items from one project into another with their metadata intact, then answer is yes, and quite exhaustively so! Refer to Exporting Metadata, in §10.4.1, Metadata Types of the user manual, pg. 245. “Drag & Drop and Import” is where this type of import into another project is discussed (as well as how to easily copy field types and such between projects).

P.S. I’ve moved this to technical support, since this board is meant for posting usage scenarios and tips, rather than asking questions on how to do things in the software.