Import files in Scrivener as references in project folder


I see that when I create a link to a file (i.e. excel files, or word file, etc.) in wikidpad (a wiki open source program) the files is copied into the directory of the project.

In scrivener the files is not copied in the folder project of scrivener, is it possible to do it ?

When I use “Add external reference” is possible to have an option in order to copy the file in the scrivener folder project ?


Only items that are imported into the binder get copied into the project folder; references are just references, and link to a web site or file on your computer without copying it. If you need a copy inside the project, you can import the item into the binder (anywhere but the Draft folder); you’ll then have to choose “Open in External Editor” in order to work on the file, and you’ll be editing the copy stored inside the project, rather than the original file on your computer.