Import finished book

Last year I finally released a book after more than three years of work that was mainly created in Scrivener on the Mac. The layout was done afterwards using iBooks Author and a certain amount of editing was carried out that stage. This was sometimes to make minor improvements or correct errors and other times for the sake of fitting in an allotted space.

At some stage I’ll probably need to make some updates and obviously I want the newest possible version to work from. Is there any way for me to import the final PDF as text into Scrivener in case of future need?

You can drag the pdf into the binder. I don’t think there’s any way you can work directly on the pdf, but you can copy-paste its contents into a new file, and work on that.


OK thanks, I’ll have a play and see what it can do. A while ago I opened the project in iBooks Author but it appeared to show elements that shouldn’t be there and didn’t make it to the final draft, so I am a bit concerned about that and view the PDF as the safe final version. The iBooks Author file is stored in Dropbox…