Import formatted documents from Pages or Word?

I have a formatted Page document that was originally composed in Scrivener over a year ago that I want to start over with in revising. The formatting is pretty simple, e.g., headings and subheadings, bibliography, and footnotes, with only a few of the latter.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to import it into Scrivener from Pages. Especially interested in having the footnotes appear in Scrivener’s comments and footnotes column.


Yes, just use Pages to export the document to .docx and then drop that into the Binder to import it into Scrivener. The Pages format itself is proprietary and cannot be read by other software. You should find the .docx conversion to be pretty clean, however—footnote should remain footnotes, but since Scrivener doesn’t use stylesheets, things like headings will just be printed using whatever font you set them to.

Thanks, Amber.