import from MacJournal

I want to import files that exported from Macjournal(5.1).
1.export the entries, a entry in one file rtf format.(or doc ,txt)
2.import the files at Scrievener.
It seemed to have succeeded.
However, it goes wrong.
Main text goes synopsis, and main field is empty (or some tags?).
Am I making some mistakes?
(I’m afraid the cause is to use Japanese(2 byte code) .)

someone give me advice?

I think your problem may be the one I have with imported Chinese … it seems to be blank, but it’s not. Do a … Your Japanese should reappear.


PS It happens to me all the time, with every .doc I import, so I’ve set up a keyboard shortcut to avoid having to use the menu.

thanks for quick reply!
I’ll try. but today go to bed…sorry.
I report a result, after trying.

It was able to do well perfectly.
Thank you very much for your advise.

But,there is something wrong with this process.
(I read your past entry.)
I want him :wink: to solve this problem.

Who is “him”? There is nothing “wrong” with this process - it’s just one of the font incompatibility issues of the OS X text system in general.

I was jumping to a conclusion.
Therefore, I said having mistaken. I apologize deeply.

When working in order of the following, it succeeded altogether.
0. Export from MJ.(Export by TXT. Otherwise, it fails.)

  1. In advance, I change a setup of Preferences-TextEditing-font of menu into Japanese fonts (for example, HIRAGINO).
  2. After that, do Import.
  3. I do nothing to others.

He(master! :astonished: ) needs to correct nothing!
(…But I am glad to be written the attention, somewhere as notes. )

I am very much pleased with this application, and think it is very convenient.
So,once again at the last, I apologize I made the rash remark.

No need to apologise - I just wasn’t sure what you meant. :slight_smile: I’m surprised you can’t export from MacJournal as rich text and have that work when it is imported, though, as both Scrivener and MacJournal use the same text system… Importing from Word is a different matter, and that is where I might expect some incompatibilities. Strange…
All the best,

I tested many things. And I came to think that a cause may be in MacJournal for the moment.
When I move a text from Wordpress to MacJournal(and when I move from MacJournal to Scrivener), this phenomenon happens .
And in the case of the text created by MacJournal,
I did not experience a problem (it succeeded also by Doc or RTF)!
I am asking to MacJournal now.
It is a somewhat complicated situation.


just to say that for me it works…

“export” a text from a trial version of Macjournal (so this isn’t real need for me, just an experiment following this thread)

the text is a yourname.rtf

“import” in new or existing project in Scrivener, getting same text, same font, etc.
no problem!


Scriv 1.11
Ibook g4, mac os x 10.4.11