Import from PDF?

Hi there, my computer died and I had to download a backup. For some reason I can only find the PDF versions of a number of scrivener screenplay projects. Is there any way I can import the PDFs in a way that they will format them as screenplays? Right now they only import as a single document within a script - the document itself is formatted as a screenplay but it doesn’t split into acts/scenes etc.



Hello, Deborah.

Scrivener can’t import a PDF and make it into a fully formatted document / screenplay.

If the PDF contains digital text (rather than being an image of text), it is possible to convert an imported PDF into editable text using “Documents > Convert > PDF File to Text”.

This will produce unformatted text in a single file. You would then need to reformat the document as needed.

If your computer was backed up completely, the backup should have kept copies of your Scrivener projects. If the projects were saved in multiple locations, you can use “File > Find All Projects in Spotlight” to show all the projects that the backup has restored to your Mac. You might be in luck.

If you used Dropbox or another cloud storage solution to file or back up your projects, you might also have copies available there.

Slàinte mhòr.