Import from SuperNoteCard

Has anyone imported data from supernotecard. I was a SNC user and have several projects I started to outline but now want to revisit using Scrivener. Copying and Pasting every card does not appeal.


Whoa, I haven’t worked with SNC for maybe 20 years, so this is just a common-sense suggestion: see if you can export its data into some kind of text or rich-text format. If the option is Tab-CR or Comma, take that. Then open it with Excel and export again in the direction of text.

Once you have it in text, bringing it into Scrivener would be simple, and then you could break it into sections and folders as you please. If the data is not narrative but lots of names and addresses, I’d suggest taking it to one of the DevonThink products for the benefit of its searching, See Also, and other tools.

Is there any way to import directly to the cards in Scrivener? I have SNC and there’s quite a few options for exporting (rtf, html, etc.), so it seems it’s more a matter of how to import into Scrivener.

Is there anything in the FAQ about importing directly to the cards?

Sorry I couldn’t help you. :confused:

There is, I am afraid, no way to do this directly. The SNC format is proprietary, I believe.

OK, so now we know that SN does export rtf files. Make sure they have an .rtf extension and drag them into Scrivener. Then use the outliner to arrange them.

If a file is gigantic, you may need to break it into chunks. A utility called File Juicer does this nicely. I use it for downloading large html files and segmenting them.

File Juicer:

SNC has an XML export off the File menu. Also the SNC project files are not proprietary–if you open one in TextEdit you’ll find XML (with UNICODE encoding).