Import gets confused by '.' in filenames[BUG LOGGED]

If you import a file like “Assn. Notes.mp3” into your Research folder, Scrivener thinks the file is “Assn” with an extension of “. Notes.mp3”, and thus treats it as an unrecognized file type (as well as giving it the wrong title). It appears that Scrivener is splitting on the first ‘.’ rather than the last ‘.’ as it should.

The behavior happens with either drag-and-drop from Explorer, or manually adding via the menu.

This threw me for a while, I thought something was wrong with the mp3 files I was trying to import, but eventually I figured out the only differences between the files that worked and the files that didn’t were the ‘.’ – and it’s a dead giveaway if you look inside the .scrivx/Files and see a file like “84. Notes.mp3” that ought to be “84.mp3” instead. :wink:

Right. I had a lot of text files that I’d numbered and because of this I couldn’t import any. I’d just get a 1 or a 3 showing up with not content. I had to either cut and paste the contents or rename my import files.

Thanks pje, I can duplicate this bug and will fix accordingly - Lee