Import Image for ePub Cover Art?


To ensure “Compile” generates a graphical cover for an ePub (and, later, .mobi), I’ve imported an image into the Research folder.

Running Mac OS X Lion; Scrivener 2.2.

Then, in the “Cover” option of Compile (All Options), only “No Cover Image” is listed in the Cover image dialog drop down box…i.e., the image I’ve imported is not listed in the drop down.

I’ve tried importing JPG and SVG…changing the image’s icon…moving it from folder-to-folder (except the Manuscript folder). All…nada.

Also, what does the “SVG Advanced” command do? I’ve read section 23.71 (p. 327) in the Scrivener Manual several times and–regret–fail to grok what the manual is attempting to describe.


My guess is that you have dragged the image into a text document rather than import it as an image file - only image files are listed in the pop-up menu, not text files. Be sure to drag the image file directly to the binder (not into the editor) to import it, or go to File > Import > Files… and select the image file for import that way.

“SVG Advanced…” allows you to type in SVG (an XML syntax that allows you to add text over the cover image, for instance). It’s not commonly used, so you can safely ignore it, and not all .epub readers support it anyway. For more information, though, see, for instance, this page on SVG:

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