Import issues from prior export docx

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Before I go cap in hand to Scrivener help desk…

I exported a back up file as a docx.

It exported as a ‘proof’ oops!

I want to reimport it to a new Scrivener file.

(Yes I’ve decided my huge edits were not a good idea!)

When I import and split it divides but by #

As you know (I hope) each title in a ‘proof’ has two # one before the title and one after

This means when it’s imported there is a page / document for every title in between each actual text page

Any ideas how I can import a proof without having to start all over?

(No, I can’t just ‘control delete’ as I lose all the info in the title)

I managed to find replace the ‘Proof only’ type wording but I’m still stuck with separate docs for every title

Why not open the previous file you exported from and do file> save as and name the new project startover, or whatever. Rather than reimport and will have all the data in scrivener split as before and then rearrange. If some sections significantly edited import those sections into new file below original area and name edit and then compare in split editor side by side.

Alternatively, just using the Finder, duplicate the backup project file and rename that duplicate. Move to wherever you like to keep your projects and pen from there.

I was hoping to be able to import a file into Scrivener that isn’t split by title and content in separate docs. I don’t see how saving the file again before importing it will change it - sorry - what am I missing? Do you mean edit it all in Word then import? Isn’t that the same amount of work?

Sorry how does this help me get rid of all the separate docs with just one line in them?


Have you worked through at least the beginning of the interactive tutorial you find under “Help”?

The whole point of Scrivener is to be able to work in small sections, which can be viewed as a complete text using “Scrivenings mode” and which are put together at compile time into the format of your choice.

That said, it would be helpful to know if you’re on Mac or Windows and which version of the OS. And if you can take a screenshot showing what the binder of the imported version looks like, that too would be a great help (mind you, as you are new to the forum, you might not yet have been authorised to post images).



Sorry how does this help me get rid of all the separate docs with just one line in them?

Hi, Christie,

When you said this:

we understood you to be indicated that you had a Backup of your project from which you produced the docx. So, the answers you were getting were in effect saying: forget about the docx you made because you can make what you want directly and easily by duplicating the backup project that you have.

Have we misunderstood the situation?


Rather than importing and splitting on sections separated by a hash sign, import and split based on a paragraph return and a hash sign combination.

Does that work as you need?

If you don’t want to split the docx file up at all, drag and drop it into your binder and it should appear as a single file.

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If your project is sizeable and @sobs good suggestions don’t do it for you or would still mean you faced a lot of reconstruction work, it might be worth looking at Scrivener’s own project backups and seeing if you actually have a backup project that has intact the earlier draft you are trying to reconstitute.

If you do not know where your Scrivener Backups are stored, you can go to Scrivener > Preferences > Backup and there is a button there to take you to your backup folder in the Finder.

  • ((Aside: While you are at that dialog, may I suggest you turn on the ‘compress backups as zip files’ option? Highly recommended. I have ‘backup on project close’ picked so I know a backup is made every time I close my projects. Some people increase the number of backups Scriv keeps, so they can dig further back into the past, if need be.))

Anyway, check the creation dates of the backups you have there and see if one is far enough back to date from before you made the big draft changes you are trying to roll back. (If you keep Time Machine backups of you hard drive, you can use your Mac’s Time Machine function to dig back further into your iterative backups to find a backup that is old enough to have what you want to reclaim.)


Hiya - thank you it kinda worked.
I just have to go through and rename and delete all the hundreds of hashtags which I can do as I go - but better than before so thank you!
Tried to attach a screenshot but it won’t let me - got two hastags in every title and in some two hashtags and title - very confusing but hey at least it’s spilt into the right number of documents now

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Thanks - I’d forgoten where they were but yes I have all those settings on - massive thanks - I think this and the other suggestions combined will help - also good reminder to clear out that back up folder! Thank you - back to editing

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