Import: lost diacritics[NOTED]

I works in Latvian. If I copy/paste Latvian text from other file, all is OK. But, when importing RTF file in Srivener 1.3, text lost encoding, all Latvian diacritics transforms and not correct.
Example. Correct Latvian text must be: šķīvis pļavā
Incorrect importing text in Scrivener: ðíîvis pïavâ
Thanks for your work and sorry for my bad English. Srivener is amazing program.

I suggest you read the latest update at the top of the message board, as many foreign languages are simply not supported all the way yet, and this might be something to do with that.

This will be fixed in Beta 1.4 due mid next week. We now parse the language encoding on RTF. Thanks for logging this.

Thanks for everything.