Import MS Word text boxes

is it possible to import MS Word text boxes “as they are”,
id not grouping them or converting them to an image?

My experience is to use Word and change all the text in boxes to regular text. Might be able to write a macro to automate it if you have a lot of them to repair. Put a special style (call it “box” or something) on that text if you want to remember that the tagged text originated in a box. I also highly recommend people not use text boxes, but there you go.

ok, thanks, but…
is it possible to re-create text boxes in Scrivener?
I need to create a sort of diagram…

Scrivener is for writing text. Even Word is best for text and not drawing, but they give some tools. [I used to coach people how to use Word and I urged them not to draw with Word.] You can draw diagrams in a drawing tool and put them in the document as image files (PNG probably best). Pretty easy to do.

See the Scrivener Manual for guidance. Just today @drmajorbob posted a link to Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. which gives good advice, if needed.

If you like how Word presents the text boxes in the source, perhaps simply screen shot them to PNG files and put into you Scrivener project as-is.

No. Text boxes are a Word-specific feature that Scrivener does not support.

FWIW, even in Word text boxes are extremely fragile. If you need to create a diagram, your editors and anyone else you share the document with will thank you for using a true image editor.

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actually the best solution IMHO would be the possibility to use Scapple “diagrams” (id not static as in a jpg but mobile if needed…) giving the capabilty to slightly change the diagram from
inside Scrivener…
what do you think?

That’s impractical. Scrivener already makes it easy to open any file in its native app, and that should be enough.

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dear Bob, I agree that that could be impractical for any other application but not for Scapple, same L&L producer…
Have a second thought upon that, please

I think it depends on what you want to do with the diagram. There’s no universal answer.

Note that in order to include a Scapple diagram in a Scrivener-created output document, you’ll need to save it as an image file. That will mean that it is no longer editable in Scapple.

thanks kewms, I understand this… but what I imagine is (not my job :slight_smile: ) to share some code between Scapple and Scrivener to allow the editing (it is a small editing…) from inside Scriv itself

As we said, Scrivever does not provide image editing features. Probably never will. No need. There are many products that integrate with Scrivener. Scrivener can embeds or link to those image files. See the Scrivener Manual for details.

This has been requested before. There are no plans to add direct editing of Scapple files to Scrivener. Moreover, the specific suggestion here – ability to incorporate editable Scapple diagrams directly into Compilable Scrivener documents – collides directly with Scrivener’s separation between writing and formatting.

As I said up above, text boxes are inherently fragile. In my experience with Word, they are easily reduced to gibberish by any change to the document’s margins, fonts, surrounding text … If you want to create a diagram, use an image editor.

ok got it, but please do not forget some sort of integration between Scapple and Bartleby