Import New Dictionary?


I’m having a serious problem with the Scrivener dictionary. It’s simply not accurate in many instances, especially when it comes to hyphenating words. For example, it shows something as common as “skyborne” as an error and wants to either hyphenate it or split it into two words. Sometimes, I just “teach” the thing, but, wanting to be sure of myself, I often wind up going to my favorite online dictionary and then teaching it. All that – and there really is plenty of it – is an annoyance and a time-consuming distraction.

Is it possible to import a whole new dictionary? If so, that would be great. If not, I sure do hope a fix is in the near future.

Thanks for for an encouraging response – maybe?


Have you seen the posts about adding bulk words to your personal dictionary?

I don’t know if there is a performance hit for using that in bulk amounts though. I’d be cautious with it and keep the simple current one backed up.

I have seen those, Amber. I’m really thinking of choosing an entirely new dictionary to use as a reference. I believe Word gives you that opportunity. Not sure, but think so.