Import of Docx drops comments

I’m trying to find a way to get information from my editor back and forth into Scrivener easily. They require a Docx file which they load up with editing changes/comments. At this stage, I accept or decline the changes (which by the way follow into Scrivener during import) but all of their comments are dropped. The comments move from Scrivener to the Docx but not the other way around. This should be going both ways. You do warn that on import some data could be lost but I don’t believe this should apply to comments as they are integral to editing a manuscript. Please fix this or add this to the release.

I really appreciate Scrivener and all the hard work you have been doing. Thank you for considering this request. (Now I can just hope you classify it as the bug which I believe it to be.) :smiley:

This limitation is in the Mac version, so you are not likely to see it added to the Windows version for this release.

Comments are sometimes imported as Inline Annotations. If you see your comments as Inline Annotations, you can use Edit > Transformations > Convert Inline Annotations to Comments.

No, they do not show up as inline annotations although the tracked changes appear to. The comments are just dropped. For me, this makes it impossible to move a scrivener project back and forth between Word and Scrivener as I use comments even for myself. Please add it to a feature wish list.

Can you please upload a small docx example file with comments. Docx with comments created from Scrivener import properly as inline annotations back in Scrivener.

You can also try a different Import DOCX Engine in File > Options > Sharing.

Confirming: all comments were simply dropped.

Scrivener refused to import the compiled .docx file using Aspose. Tried using pandoc as the engine, and what it imported was this:

{\pard \ql \f0 \sa180 \li0 \fi0 Chapter\par}

Here’s a screenshot of the original document. I compiled to docx Chapter and Scene.

Two comments are present: one an inline annotation, and the other a standard comment. Neither was compiled.

Zipped project that produced the output. (428 KB)

And the docx output itself: (7.43 KB)

@rwfranz: Comments DO compile to DOCX. In your attached project, you have checked the “Remove comments” compile option and because of this they are removed. I am afraid, your report above is not correct.

I was dead sure both were unchecked. That’s strange. I was sure I’d unchecked them. Well. :blush:

Re-importing the resulting docx file, however, is still a problem.