Import of Hindenburg clipboards

I just wrote a radio script with Scrivener for the first time and I liked it a lot.
Like many radio journalists, I use Hindenburg Journalist to edit recorded interviews and cut soundbites. Soundbites in Hindenburg are organized in clipboards. It would be a great feature to be able to import those clipboards into Scrivener for transcription (great pause+rewind feature!) and linking research material to the script.

(BTW: What I also missed was a permanent word/character count in Script Mode to keep track of the length of the script)

Have you gone through the tutorial? There’s a sample audio file in it that is used to demonstrate just what you’re talking about.

Is the Project->Project Targets feature unavailable in script writing mode? That should show your word count, though I don’t know if I understand what makes a word count “permanent”.

Robert, thanks for your reply!

Yes, through all of it. Sure, you can import single audio files and transcribe them using the player, which I praised in my post.

But I would like to have a feature, where I could import a Hindenburg project into a Scrivener project, which would mean, that Scrivener looks into the Hindenburg project, grabs the clipboards, and displays them as folders in the Research section. Those folders would contain the audio files of a Hindenburg clipboard. Not only would this be helpful for transcribing interviews, but also for referencing soundbites in a script.

As far as I know, you cannot have a permanently visible word/char count in script writing mode.


You’re right, the word and character count aren’t visible in script mode because the footer bar instead shows the current element and how keyboard actions will affect those elements, which is what most screenwriters would expect. Scriptwriters rarely care about word and character counts, because they work in pages.

It’s not really possible to add the support for Hindenburg projects, I’m afraid, as this would require Scrivener parsing the Hindenburg project format and then doing lots of custom things in the binder. The main issues here are:

  1. I believe the Hindenburg project file format is proprietary and not available for third-parties to parse.

  2. Even if I had the format specs, it would be a huge amount of work for quite an obscure request (which isn’t to denigrate the request at all, but merely to say that it wouldn’t be efficient for me to dedicate a month or two to a feature that only one or two people have requested - you are the first with this one!).

  3. If Scrivener allowed you to browse the internals of the project format, it would be possible to mess up the Hindenburg project by dragging things around in the binder, unless restrictions were put in place that aren’t used elsewhere.

I hope that makes sense.

All the best,

The bar can get quite narrow if you reduce the size of the window and editors, so it has to allow for that. Also, in my experience, screenwriters don’t like change. :slight_smile: