Import of Word doc with custom heading

I’m not sure this should be high on the priority list, but I’ll mention it anyway.

I have a Word doc that uses a customized Heading 2 style. (there is no Heading 1 in the document)

Impot of most of the document was correct: Font types and styles, general formatting and paragraph spacing. Outlining, and a series of hypertext links. All good, except for a few minor issues.

The only main bug is the Heading 2 style text.

In the Word doc, the Heading 2 style is Indent: Left: 0.38, First Line: 0.25. The style used numbering and the numbering was changed from the default 1. 2. 3. to be Section 1. Section 2. Section 3.

Bug 1: In the imported version the H2 style text had a negitive indent and was hidden “under” the Binder.


Bug 2: Original doc has eight sequencially numbered section headings. The imported version has Section 1, Section 1, Section 2, Section 1, Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, Section 6.

Bug 3: If I click on the text “Section 1:” between the 1 and the ‘:’ and then press backspace, the text changes to “1.:” With the 1 immediatly next to the binder. (no indent)

Bug 4: If i then do Ctrl-z (undo) the text changes to “Act 1.:” with the text slighly indented. (about a character’s width)


Minor bug 1: The bullet symbol for the list in the original document (small circle) was not correct when imported. However, clicking on one of the list items in the imported document and selecting a new symbol updated the whole list and most of the document.

One other bug I forgot to mention related to importing. The Word doc had a footer. After importing the footer appears at the top of the Scrivener document.

I had a problem with an imported Word document that used customized headings, too. I had set up the Heading1 and Heading2 to use the autonumber feature.

My post is here:

My workaround was to turn off the autonumbering before I imported the Word doc. I don’t know if that would help your other issues, but it would be an interesting experiment to turn off all the autonumbering, import it in a new project, and see if that fixes everything else.