Import or Auto Sync from mac Notes App

Is it possible to add a feature to auto import or sync notes made on the fly on your iPhone or iPad in the Notes App (that is a standard app with all iPhones, iPads and Mac books) somewhere into Scrivener? Perhaps if notes are titled/headed Scrivener it can search them that way? Cope of note from iPhone attached

Unfortunately this isn’t possible, there are no provided methods for working with your iPhone like that. Apple doesn’t program this tool with cooperation in mind, you can’t even export your notes as plain old files from a Mac. There are some third-party utilities that offer to export Notes to files, though this will be a one-way process of creating text files with the utility and then importing those files into your project binder. I’m not aware of anything that offers the inverse: updating Notes from files.

In short, I don’t recommend using Notes if you intend do anything with your notes beyond looking at them in Notes. :slight_smile: There are some great options for text editors out there, some free and some that let you edit files straight out of a “cloud” folder like iCloud or Dropbox, which means you can use Scrivener’s folder sync utility to in essence edit components of your project remotely as individual files.

Indeed, as Ioa says, Apple provides no frameworks for working with, so unfortunately third-party apps have no way of accessing those notes.