Import outline levels

When importing a structured .doc or .rtf file, the outline levels are not imported, it seems.
Is that correct, or is there a way to preserve the structure?

I presume you mean the stylesheets that are declaring header 1 header 2 and so forth? If so that is correct, it won’t work as Scrivener doesn’t have stylesheet support. It’s pretty easy to use the Documents/Split/with Selection as Title tool in conjunction with the Edit/Find/Find by Formatting tool to search for bold lines. Just look up the keyboard shortcuts for both and alternate between the two until you have it all split up, and then arrange the pieces together into an outline as you wish. I’m not even sure if the outline part of a stylesheet is something that can be parsed by another word processor. I could be wrong on that though—the depth settings might be something saved into the stylesheet for anything compatible enough to read. It might be settings that are just on the word processor side though, if that makes sense.