Import pdf incomplete

Trying to import a pdf document to my Research and it’s incomplete. The pdf file is on my computer, but I wanted it in my binder so that I could split-screen and use it for reference while writing. It seems only about 150 of the 460 pages are there (although it does say I’m on page 150 of 460 so it is aware that the document is that long). I can also scroll through the pages, but the content isn’t there. Is there a file size limit I’ve exceeded? I’ve tried deleting and re-importing with no difference. And I double-checked that the entire document is there in the pdf file on my computer. Any suggestions?

It’s an Apple bug introduced in PDF-kit in OS 10.11, if I remember rightly. It affects all 32-bit apps of Which Scrivener 2.x is one. Presumably Scrivener version 3 will eliminate it when it is launched.

In the meantime, best to use “open in external editor”.


Thanks Mark. I’m brand new to Scrivener so thought I had perhaps missed something. Will adapt.