Import / Pictures

I have an image that I use as a hard rule below my chapter headers. It’s fairly high resolution - for print. The first thing I notice is that images don’t come in when I import docx files. Is that correct?

Beyond that, the high res image - is there a way to tell it to scale to the page width? When I compile, it flows over.



Concerning the second question, assuming you’re talking about eBooks, I compile to an epub file, then edit with Sigil, and, for all files, modify:





to nothing.

That worked great for my picture heavy book, Drive, Ride, Repeat.

If you’re working with print, you can set your image size and PPI in a graphics program before inserting it in Scrivener to get it the exact dimensions you want for the final project; that’s going to be the best way to get it working. You can do basic scaling in Scrivener, but that’s it. I also suggest using linked images, as that will let you substitute a lower-res version of the image while you’re working, then swap it with the high-res version when you compile, so there’s not as much overhead when you’re working in Scrivener. Assuming you use this image at the start of every chapter document, you will also have an easier time making changes to the image if they’re all linked to the same file on the computer–you’ll just have to change the one file, rather than redo the image for every inserted copy.

Linked images are described in §15.5.2 of the user manual.

Regarding .docx import, inserted images should be included when you import if you’ve enabled “Use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice for doc and docx conversions” in the Import/Export tab of Options, but it will depend on the image–if this is a Word drawing rather than an inserted image, it won’t transfer.