Import plain text from Daedalus


Problem: I’ve got Scrivener 2.0.5 and I just got Daedalus from the App store. I exported a stack to Dropbox and I checked it on my MacBook Pro–the text is there. I imported it into Scrivener and I just get notecards with the title being correct, but not body text other than a funky symbol at the top of the bodytext area. Can you provide any help/hope in this situation?


Have you verified if the files open correctly in any other application? I would try TextEdit. If they are broken there as well, then it sounds like you’ll need to contact Daedalus support. From your description, it might be an encoding problem—they might not be saving the files in UTF-8, which is what Scrivener expects of plain-text files.

I’ve opened the files in Text Edit–the content is definitely there.

There is an odd header in the text file, though, which I suspect Scrivener is reading as a reason to stop importing text:


In Scrivener, this translates into:


(And that’s all of the text you’ll see on the card, no matter how much is actually in the text file.)

Yup, that’s an encoding issue. That code looks like an UTF-16 marker, and so it will only confuse Scrivener. You’ll need to open these files in a program that can convert encodings (TextWranger is a good free one) before importing them.