Import Punctuation Problem

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I’m another Scrivener newbie on Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3 (ancient, I know! but that’s the thing with Acer laptops, they last for ages ;o) I would look through all the topics in this forum for my answer but I have ME thus very limited energy.

Just tried to import a long Word doc into Scrivener. I tried both rtf and doc - in both instances, every quotation mark (I use single quotes in the British tradition) and apostrophe in the MS has come out as this character: I

The MS originally had comments but I removed all these before importing.

Any advice please? Otherwise I will have to go through the entire 64 pages to change by hand.

Many thanks in advance & best wishes :mrgreen:

I’m having the same problem. Has anyone out there had this problem and been able to fix it???

Thank you!

Which version of Scrivener are you using? (Check by going to Help > About Scrivener.) Some characters can get encoded in poor RTF–in various ways, depending on the program doing the encoding–and Scrivener requires strict adherence to the RTF specs, so depending on the text coming in some illegal characters may get stripped out and replaced with an “unrecognized character” symbol to prevent them from causing crashes and other issues. Your best way around the problem you’re seeing is probably to convert what I’m guessing are “smart” or curly apostrophes/quotes to straight ones, then save and import. Once the text is in Scrivener you can use Format>Convert>Quotes to Smart Quotes to switch them back if you like.

Thank you very much for your detailed, reply, Jennifer :smiley: