Import RTF document items feature request

Currently Scapple allows import of text items via multiple documents. This is really useful. However, it uses drag n drop (don’t change that at all) and many times the source document is deeply nested in other folder locations. It would be useful if Scapple would naturally “OPEN” those same documents that it imports when you drag n drop the same document. Most of the time drag n drop is very useful and highly ignored by software developers. Thanks for using it. So I guess I’m asking that both methods of importing be implemented. Thanks.

Do you mean like an “Import” menu item in the File menu? The main reason I kept things as drag-and-drop only for import instead of having an “Import” menu is that drag-and-drop allows you to place what you bring in where you want it, whereas an “Import” menu would just have to plop it in the middle, so it seems less useful.

Thanks and all the best,

Good point about destination of the imported item.

Yet, if I import from a RTF/text file, more than likely, I will have many, many items that I want to import so location destination will be very approximate, no matter whether I drag n drop or Open Import. The import of many many items will cover a large area… No?