Import Screenplay scene by scene

I have a Scrivener project with many files, every file is a empty scene.
Now, in every file/scene, I’d like to import a bunch of text from Final Draft and I would like to maintain screenplay formatting in every Scrivener file/scene.
Yes, I want to work “scene by scene”: I do not want to import all my screenplay by one click, but to import Final Draft formatted text to Scrivener scene by scene.
Hope you understand.
Please, how can I do this?

Yes, if I understand you correctly we have anticipated your desire. :slight_smile: Check out File/Import/Import and Split..., and select your FDX file there. Once you have done so, you will note the bottom area changes to “Final Draft separator” mode. Select “Scene Heading” (slugline) if necessary and click “Import”.

Okay that handles import. It sounds like you’ve also already set up a preliminary outline. There is no way to tell the importer to use that as an import template, so the loose files that are created by the above import procedure can be used to replace your preliminary outline piece by piece—or you can just take what you have imported and start over, whatever is most efficient.