Import separator code for page break?

In recreating a poetry chapbook I tried to import from MS Word with split on page break but cannot find the code or symbol for page break. What am I missing?

You can add a symbol to File > Import > Import and Split a Word document yourself. A “#” is the default. Add this before your Page Titles and the Word document should import splitted into several pages.

Hope this helps

I would like to use the page break character that is already in the document as a separator. Is this not possible?

The Manual Page Break Word uses is ^m, but I doubt you’ll find it in the Word Document to split your Word file with Import and Split. I tried it, and it did not work.

You can split using properly cascading Styles, like the default Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. The level is set in the paragraph properties of the Style. Choose “Split using document’s outline structure” after you’ve pointed to the Word document in File > Import > Import and Split.

The other option is to "Split into section by finding separators in the text. ^m won’t work, the default is “#”, but AFAIK you’ll have to add the separator manually in Word or by Search and Replace function in Word…

Hope this helps

Thanks. I have marked headings so I will try to split using document’s outline structure.