Import several linked htmls

I have several HTMLs that have hyperlinks pointing to each other.
How do I import those to Scrivener’s Research Binder while preserving the hyperlinks please?

When I did Add → Files and imported all of them, the hyperlinks (that point to another html) don’t work. I look at the links, they point to html files - with the original names - that don’t exist in the relevant .sriv folder (b/c Scrivener automatically assigns numerical names to them). I haven’t tried adding those htmls directly to the .scriv folder because that seems like a hack.

Hyperlinks pointing to a location within the same html files work though.
Hope the description above is clear.

I have thousands of the same. In Scriv V.3, now in late beta, we can use Import > Research Files as Shortcuts to arrange and tag these files in the Binder and Inspector, and view them and follow their links via Scrivener’s built-in browser engine, even as the html files themselves remain in their existing Windows folders and retain their own names.

Rgds - Jerome

Many thanks, it’s great to know.
Can v3 (beta) import those htmls as native to the scriv project (i.e making copies of them in scriv. folder, as opposed to just importing shortcuts) while retaining the interlinked references?
Reason being I want to avoid accidentally deleting those htmls if they are kept in separate windows folder (of course I can move them all to a “secure” folder but I’m a bit paranoid).

No, not a chance. HTMLs imported directly into the Scrivener V3 project take a filename chosen by Scrivener (content.html) in a folder created by Scrivener and named based on UUID: 36 characters of hexadecimal pairs and hyphens, different for each doc. So the interlinked references will fail. Better to create a dedicated Windows folder for your local HTML files, and use the shortcut capability to make use of them in your project, or in multiple projects.

Rgds - Jerome

Thank you