import & split bug 1.71

regarding the import & split bug in 1.71

Any guess on when there will be a fix?
Pretty important feature

We’re working on the update to correct this and a few other bugs and will put it out as soon as it is ready. The manual Document > Split commands do work, or if this is critical to your project, you can reinstall 1.6.1 by downloading it from the here.

But doesn’t that mean I’ll have to do this with every single section individually?
I know you guys are working hard, was just wondering about an ETA… a month, a week, 3 months?

If you use the Find dialog to search for whatever your divider is (that you’d use for import & split), you can step through the document pretty quickly with F3 to go to the next instance of the term, Ctrl+K to split, F3 to the next instance, etc.

For quick retitling of all the split documents, load them in the outliner with only the Title column visible, and be sure you have “Automatically name untitled documents upon saving” checked in the General tab of Tools > Options. Then hammer on the Tab and Backspace keys all the way through your outliner list, and a couple seconds later Scrivener will replace them all with the opening text of each scene.

We’re hoping to have the update out within the next month, but I can’t give any definite dates; it could slip, just depending on how difficult issues are to track down and resolve.

I’ll wait