Import Storyist files

How can I import my Storyist project/files on my iPad to my new Scrivener iPad app?

I think the only way is by downloading Storyist on the Mac and exporting to Scrivener from there. I don’t think they have the Scrivener export in their iOS version. Otherwise the best thing to do is export from Storyist as RTF and then import the RTF into Scrivener. You can split it up in Scrivener by tapping into the text and choosing “Split” from the black Edit menu.

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I haven’t got a Mac so can’t do that.


Export to Dropbox as RTF, then import the file(s) into Scrivener from Dropbox. That should work, shouldn’t it? I know I can import rtf and doc files from anywhere in my Dropbox account, so as long as you can export from Storyist to somewhere on Dropbox in RTF format, then I see no reason that it can’t be done.

The second part of my suggestion - exporting as RTF - works for the iOS version too, without needing a Mac.

Thank you both.

Used the rtf option.

Thanks again