Import text only....?

Hi! When I drag a .docx file into Scrivener, all the text formatting is preserved. I know I can then Document/Convert/Text to default formatting, but I’m wondering if there is a setting somewhere that would allow me to apply default formatting automatically…? I have searched the forum and manual and am coming up empty. I suspect there’s a smart reason why this isn’t an option but thought I would check to see if I missed something.


I don’t think so. The alternatives I can think of are:

1 copy and paste-and-match-style;

2 open DOCX in TextEdit (will lose comments and footnotes), convert to plain text, save and drag that in;

3 if your word processor can export to plain text, do that and use drag—and-drop.

For me: no 1 would be ok for short(ish) documents; no 3 for long documents; no 2 only as a fallback.

That said, I always just import and then use “Convert text…”.

Someone will probably come along and suggest Keyboard Maestro. :grin:


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Use Import and Split, §9.1.6 in the manual, followed by Documents/Convert/Text to Default Formatting … but the better answer is to avoid importing from docx at all. I’ve done it only once in ten years.

Thanks, guys. As I suspected. :slightly_smiling_face: