Import Text Question


Running Scriv under Fedora 19 64bit. All seems to work here apart from the odd drag-and-drop core dump :frowning: . Can avoid that for the moment.

However, I just did an import the files of a project I am currently working on into an existing Scriv project. Consider them as a bunch of plain text files. They import fine but when I open them in the editor the font and spacing is screwy.

Using the preference dialog I have set all the defaults to “Courier 12pt” with a 1.5 line spacing. The newly imported files all open as “DejaVu Sans 9pt” at 1.0 line spacing, seeming to ignore my settings.

Is there an easy way around this? Or do I have to go file-by-file (which would suck because there are lots of files)?

TIA … mark.

First, all text imported into a Scrivener project becomes .rtf format, so formatting can be applied.

To change the formatted appearance of the imported files, set up the “Default Main Text Attributes” option. Go to menu “Tools/Options/Editor” and set up the formatting for your text. Second, return to the Scrivener project and select the topmost draft folder in the Binder; then choose menu “View/Scrivenings” (If you’ve selected a folder, this menu will say "Scrivenings; otherwise it will say “Document” if a single document is selected.)

Go to menu “Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style …” to apply the new default main text attributes that you’ve set up.