Import Video into Scapple

Hi all,

Just bought Scapple today and using it to sketch ideas for my next novel! Like it! :smiley:

Would love to be able to import a video. I mean, it wouldn’t have to play it in Scapple itself, but just to see a thumbnail of the video and to be able to click on that and be directed to YouTube?

Is that possible? Asking too much? I tried adding the link to the video with ‘Edit Link’ but even that didn’t seem to work for me.


Scapple doesn’t have a video player in it, so that’s hoping for a little much. :slight_smile: It’s mostly geared toward wrangling text, though it does have very basic support for images and MathType integration.

Now that part should be working at least. Do note that links are something that become active while editing the content of a note. Since one note can have multiple links within it, it doesn’t work to just click on the note once (that would make it awkward to select a link-only note anyway). So just double-click the note to edit it, then you should the cursor turn into the little hand when hovering over a link.

Glad to hear you’re liking Scapple!

Amber, you’re a star, thank you. Yes, I wasn’t using the link correctly. It’s working now. That’s enough for me, I don’t need it to play within Scapple, as long as it plays.

And yeah, loving it! Wish I’d used it for the previous two novels. What a joy!