Import video media and transcribe conversation

Could you please break down the steps involved in importing video media from Final Cut Express.
Once the file is imported, is it possible to use Scrivener word program to transcribe the ongoing conversation on the film?

You will need to produce a QuickTime movie from FCE, to import it into Scrivener. Once this is done, it will show up with a little film icon beside it to indicate that it is media. Make sure to import it somewhere other than the Draft. The best way to transcribe from audio or video files is to load the media into the editor by clicking on it in the Binder, and then split the editor. Create a text file for your transcription, and then load this in the second split. Now while you are typing in this text file, you can use Cmd-Return to start and pause the video or audio stream in the other split. You can also use the Shift-Opt-Cmd-[ and ] keys to step forward and backward in case you need to rewind a bit. So it is quite easy to be transcribing along at full speed and pause the playback when it gets too far ahead, catch up, and then resume.

Thank you. This works perfectly.

If you open the clip in QuickTime Player, and choose the “Show A/V Controls” command, you can also slow the clip down.


Thank you for your help. Able to import video and transcribe data.