"Import Web Page..." Feature Request

In order to get around the problem of Scrivener changing my window size when importing web pages (when “convert to text” remains unchecked) [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/long-url-on-web-page-import/12751/1], I am now importing all my web research with “convert to text” checked.

Things are now much better. Window size does not change and I can edit the resulting text document and take out things I don’t need. Very cool.

However, I do add one thing now to all my web page -> text imports. I add a link at the bottom that will take me back to the original web page. Very handy.

It would be nice if there was a suboption added to “Convert HTML files to text” that allowed “Add Web page URL link at”, and then a subsuboption of two radio buttons for “Top” and “Bottom”.

Or nirvana would be to simply support “Open -> Original URL in Browser” for such text documents. I say “simply” only from the end user perspective. I understand that this might actually be harder since text documents don’t currently have such metadata associated with them. But it shouldn’t be that hard to add, correct?

The planned implementation is to have the url of the original page added automatically to the document’s reference list when you import or convert your webpages to text. Looking into the Open in Browser behavior is also on the list, as that’s buggy at the moment, but having the link to the original url in the references will let you click it there and open it in the browser, so that will be the same effect.

I’m also looking your report about the webpage importing and changing the windows size, etc., as that’s obviously not a behavior we want.