Import Web Page (Link to Google Doc) - unable to login to Google Drive

I would like to include/import web pages to my Research Folder that are Google Docs stored in my Google Drive.

When I do this and try to view the page in Scrivener, the main (central) Scrivener window displays the ‘login to your Google Drive account’ web page.

However, when I enter my email address and press ‘Next’ I get redirected to a google 404 error page in my browser. This loop goes round and round and never resolves.

I also get the same problem with linking to Evernote note urls

Does anyone know how to resolve this? (Or experienced similar problems?)

To archive material from sites that require a log in, you generally will need to export the stuff from their service in some format—even if all that means doing is saving an HTML file from your browser, or copying and pasting into a new empty file in Scrivener. But in the case of Google Docs, I should imagine that would be trivial for something that proports to be a word processor: if it can export an RTF file that would be ideal.

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Thanks very much for your reply :slight_smile:

I was hoping to link to the ‘live’ Google Doc, rather than import or copy/paste an archived ‘version’.

It sounds as though that might not be possible?

Generally speaking that isn’t possible. Scrivener’s web import feature is an archival tool, not a web browser. It is designed for mirroring pages to an offline copy to preserve them for all time.

You’re going to run into this with any page that requires a login. Google (or whoever) won’t show you the page without a password, and Scrivener’s web viewer (not a true browser, as Ioa noted) isn’t able to either save login credentials or put up a window asking for them.

The best workaround, if you need the live version, is going to be to save the link in Scrivener, but open it in your browser.