Import Web pages by dragging to Scrivener in the dock

When reading about all the other nice features added for web page import (keeping references to the original when converting to text, etc), it occurred to me…

…it would be really nice if dragging a web-page from the icon in Safari’s location bar to Scrivener’s dock icon would automatically invoke web-page import for the selected URL. At the moment, it just creates a clipping with the URL as text (just as if I’d selected a swathe of text and dragged it to the dock icon).

That way I could be browsing for references in Safari and be able to import web-pages one after another, really quickly, as Web archive references in Scrivener. Much quicker than Cmd-C, open Scrivener, File > Import > Web Page, back to Safari.

It will import the entire webpage as a web archive if you drag and drop it into the Binder (which is faster than the File -> Import menu).


Oh, I know, but I work pretty heavily with Spaces, and Scrivener (and my other writing app) have their own, uncluttered space, where no other application may enroach. When I’m writing, it tends to stay in full-screen, too. Dragging to the binder becomes a bit of an issue when Safari is another space and the app is in full screen so the binder is hidden.

Still, I know it’s a niche request :slight_smile: