Import web pages?

First of all - thank you so much! I can’t even begin to fathom the hours, weeks, months and years put into this project and in every regard it’s working flawlessly for me!

I’m wondering if it will be possible at some point to be able to import web URLs as you can on the desktop version? I use Scrivener mainly for academic research and this is one of the main things I think would be incredible handy on the iOS version - you know, adding URLs on the fly on the phone/iPad etc.

Apologies if it’s already capable and I’m missing something!


I am afraid but the iOs Scrivener does not support files that are links to web pages. If you have one in a desktop mac project in the iOs version is labeled as not supported. Maybe in the future…

Have a great day.
Emilio Speciale

Hi Emilio,

So far I’m finding that all my URLs entered via the desktop version load just fine on the iOS version, so surely it wouldn’t be impossible to be able to import a link from a browser app on iOS?


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the kind words! The problem is actually that there doesn’t seem to be any way to create a .webarchive file on iOS. A .webarchive file is what is created if you choose to save a web page in Safari on the Mac. It archives a web page and then Apple’s WebKit (used by Safari and both Scrivener for macOS and iOS) can display it when loaded. On macOS, I can create a .webarchive from a link to a web page - although even on iOS, doing so is rather complex because Apple doesn’t provide a straightforward way of doing it even there. On iOS, there is just no facility - at least from my research, because I did look into this - for downloading web pages as .webarchive files. Without this ability, there’s no way to add an option to import web pages, even though it will display web pages created on the Mac.

Thanks and all the best,

One workaround: use the Workflow app to create a PDF of the web page. As part of the workflow you can save the PDF to your Dropbox and then import it into Scrivener from there.

Keith: Not to mention Another App, but Ulysses has worked with the Workflow developers to create some hooks from Workflow into the app. Do you see yourself adding some Workflow support in the future?

Right now all I can think of is sleep. :slight_smile: There are no plans for Workflow support in the immediate future, though (and it wouldn’t help importing web pages as such, of course).