import webarchive + save url

Is there a way to have to have Scrivener save to URL of the page together with the webarchive?


It already does. When you use File > Import > Web Page…, the URL is stored too. When you load up the web archive, you will see the URL in the footer view, and you can click on it to load up the original web page in your default browser.

Thanks for the help, however, what I’m looking for is a way to save a webarchive directly from Safari to Scrivener whilst saving the url as well.

If this is currently not possible, is it something that will be added shortly?

I don’t think I understand what you mean. The URL is saved, like I say.

Sorry if I didn’t explain properly what I mean.

You’re right that the URL gets saved when I select ‘Import webpage’. What I’m looking for, though, is an option to save a webarchive to Scrivener directly from Safari. So, when I’m browsing the web and come across some I want to save, I hit a hot-key and the selected page is sent and stored into Scrivener as a webarchive. This original url of this webarchive should also be saved with the file.

Is something like this currently possible?

No, because Safari doesn’t allow you to drag the URL across into Scrivener, and, as I just replied to your other post, I have no idea about how to write bookmarklets that might achieve this, and a Google search has so far been unhelpful. If anyone can show me the way as far as bookmarklets go, or could tell me what I need to do to Scrivener to get this working, I would certainly implement it if it weren’t too much work, but currently I simply don’t have a clue. Sorry. :frowning:

Just read the other post as well. Sorry to hear it’s currently not possible, but thanks very much for your honest answer. Unfortunately I can’t help out here either, as I’m no programmer.

What about Automator? If Scrivener supports that, a workflow might be created that can do more or less the same.

Keith, possibly something here will be helpful. --Will … 8&oe=UTF-8

And here an Automator workflow that saves the current webpage as a webarchive to a user-definable folder. Now all we need to do is have it add the file to Scrivener :smiley:

Automator Workflow