Import Windows Project on Mac

Hi all,

I wanted to start working on this project for the guy I’m helping out. I need to copy paste about 200 files into individual pages. (From evernote)

I was hoping to install a trial on my Windows machine and then just open the project on his mac when I go see him next.

Is this possible? I’m not too worried about anything but getting the individual pages so I can start putting them in order for him once he decides the order he wants it.

Thank you,

As long as he has the mac version of Scrivener - full or trial - you’ll be able to open the project file without issue. :slight_smile:

He currently has trial but is about to buy it. Thank you for that info! Now I feel better about putting in a few hours and knowing it won’t be wasted.

I have a MacBook Air and a Windows desktop and it’s no problem at all. The only change I’ve found is the metadata in ebook compile being version specific.