import with hierarchical outlines (OPLM alternatives)

OPML is great but many apps still do not use it. I am looking for importing advice for OPML workarounds that still retain the same hierarchical outline structure in the binder. Adding a manual character separator (#) to the tabbed rtf file and using the import & split command seems to be the only option but it still doesn’t retain the hierarchical structure, e.g. this:
#text here
#[tab]some here
#[tab]a little here
#more and more here
#[tab]a bit here
#[tab][tab]and here and here

produces this (non nested):
text here
some here
a little here
more and more here
a bit here
and here and here

Are there any other workarounds , possibly using HTML/XML/CSV ? Does import / export with Word offer any hope?

Check out AmberV’s note perhaps two thirds of the way down in this thread…