Import Word AutoText entries into Auto-Complete

I am a complete Newbie an am just using the trial version of Scrivener. I was excited to realise I can use it for work, as well as for my own personal writing projects. I type a lot of medical reports and have an extensive list of autotext entries in Word that I have been using. I would LOVE to transfer them into Scrivener, but am daunted at the prospect of typing them all - there are at least a hundred or so - is there any other way? This is a real necessity for me. I have searched the forum before posting, but couldn’t find this issue anywhere.
Thank you

I don’t mess with autotext, so I can’t help you with that. I’m giving your post a bump, though, so it’ll be seen.


I’m afraid there is no way of importing these directly across, no. Word uses a custom, proprietary format, so I’m afraid that I wouldn’t even know how to begin to extract such data…

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