Import Word doc to Scrivener and then export back to Word


I have a 20,000 word MS Word document that is quite nicely sectioned. I’d like to import it into Scrivener and use Scrivener’s great Scrivenings mode to try moving sections around. Then, once I am happy with it, I’d like to convert it back to Word.

Possible to do this easily and efficiently?


This is what the Compile function is for. For a brief introduction, see the Compile section of the Interactive Tutorial project, available from the Help menu. You might also visit our video tutorials, here:

For a more detailed discussion, see Chapter 24 of the Scrivener manual.


Thanks for your reply, Katherine. Although I’ve used Scrivener quite a while and love it, I typically create in Scrivener and just cut and paste back to Word. This is the first time I’ve taken a Word doc and put it in Scrivener.

I’ve just brought the whole Word document into Scrivener and broke it into the sections I wanted in Scrivener (by cutting and pasting). Perhaps not the most efficient way to do this, but it worked well enough.

It’s great now to be able to make collections and chop and change. My next step will be to try the compile the finished version and get it back to Word.

For future reference, you might want to check out the Documents -> Split command. I prefer it to cut and paste because it limits the risk of errors due to a bad paste destination or an untimely interruption. When you cut, what’s on the clipboard temporarily exists nowhere except your computer’s memory. When you split, you create a new file on disk.