Import Word doc with images

I’ve imported a Word document which it contained some images.

All the text has been imported, but not the images.
is that normal?
Does it possible to import a word document with the images? How to do this?

Do you have enhanced converters enabled in the Import/Export preference pane? The stock OS X converters, which Scrivener falls back to when those are off, are not very robust. They will lose things like images and even some paragraph formatting. If you are unsure about whether the converters are running properly, you can test by create a .docx file with double spaced sample text and import that into Scrivener. If the text is single spaced, you’re using the Mac importer.

That will import fairly basic images. If the Word file has complex layouts with floating images everywhere, it may not work well. Both the conversion engine and Scrivener are not nearly as complicated in these regards, so some files may not transfer completely without a little clean-up to make the document simpler in Word, first.