Import Word docs?

Anyone know the best way to import Word documents? I’ve tried importing them directly, but got gobbly-gook. Then I saved as RFT and imported, again with not the best results. Finally, I copied and pasted the RFT text, and it basically worked, but am afraid that after I’ve imported it all, and editted away on it for awhile I may discover, too late, some fatal flaw in the process.


Word import works fine for me. Are you using macros or some sort of unusual formatting?


I had trouble only with old Word files that did not have the suffix .doc.

Add that to a file and drag it in. Import should work fine.

If not, then what version of Word are you using? Mine is Word 2004 for Mac.

Straight-forward, recent Word files should import easily as others have noted.

If you have tables and hanging indents and bullet styles and outline numbered styles and on and on it’s not going to be so pretty.

I’ve just tried importing a modestly complex file using the following paths to Scrivener:

Word-MacLinkPlus RTF

They all were misguided. If you must know, Nisus did an OK job and AcrobatPro was most bizarre.

All of them appeared to get the text right, it’s just they didn’t know where to put it.

The path to take, I think, is the simple one. Don’t attempt to import complex documents into Scrivener. Scrivener is, after all, for writing not for formatting. And by complex I mean forget anything more complex than simple indents and font styles. If you’re determined to bring in something, uh, baroque, save it as text and import that. You won’t, then, spend hours adjusting those tabbed tables so they look just so, you’ll just look at it, shrug your shoulders, and start writing. Leave fancy formatting to the production people or to that person a month from now who finally finished the book.

As Keith has said elsewhere, one can hope that the Leopard text engine will address some of these things but that will be a question mark and not a certainty.


I added the .doc extension and it worked like a charm, even though I had macros, and fairly extensive headings formatted (the headings didn’t come through, of course, but they also didn’t screw things up).

My goal was not to do complex formatting in Scrivener, but I have a novel 2/3 of the way through a rewrite and am converting it over to Scrivener.

Thanks everyone.