Import word document does not split by style


I am trying to import a Word file created in Windows to Scrivener on af Mac by using the “Import and Split” function on the header styles I have used in the word document. When trying to import it only creates one file named after the first Heading 1. I have tried to open the document in Word on my mac first and copy paste it to a blank word document and the weird thing is that sometimes this helps and the document is imported with the splitting but sometimes it does not help. I have two Word documents which seems identical but one of them does not import correctly and the other does. I can send them if you are interested?

For reproduction (with the Word documents)

  1. File -> Import -> Import and split…
  2. Select the Word document
  3. Select “Split using the document’s outline structure”
  4. Select “Remove first lines of text when splitting by outline”

I am running Scrivener 3 from app store. Word 2011 for Mac. Word 2010 for Windows. MacOS High Sierra on an iMac.

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Hi Morten,

I wonder if the Word document that has problems isn’t using outline levels in its styles. When using this feature, Scrivener splits Word documents using the outline structure of the Word document, which isn’t quite the same as styles (although usually in Word heading styles also have an outline level associated with them). Try opening the document in Word and switching to outline view - does it appear as an outline?

Please feel free to send me the problematic file, though, and I’ll be happy to take a look.

All the best,

Hi Keith

Thank you for a quick response. I have been doing some more digging and it seems that the problem was a page number in the header section of the document. It was styled with an outline level which was higher than the header outline levels (hope it makes sense). So I guess that Scrivener did not like either the outline level in the header section or that the document was beginning with the highest outline level. This is not apparent in the outline view of Word in windows as it does not include the header and footer sections but the nice overview of typographies in Word on the Mac gave me the hint. Maybe Scrivener should not look at outline levels in the header or footer sections when importing?

Thank you fore your help

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Hmm, this might be down to the hacky way it has to parse the RTF for outline levels. Could you please attach or send me the file so that I can test and fix this?

Thanks and all the best,