Import Word document

Hello! Is there a way to simply stop Scrivener from converting imported Word docs? I’m using Scrivener to compile and organize training sessions and have various documents in Word format. Each time I import the document into Scrivener, it converts it to RTF. I’d like Scrivener to import the document as is (like it did with my PowerPoint presentations).

No. It is not possible to prevent Scrivener from converting imported text files. (PowerPoint is not a text format, hence the difference.)


Alas, this is a problem because I have certain research materials in Word format which I do not want Scrivener to convert. I just want to use a folder in my Scrivener document to keep all my materials together.

What if you print them to PDF format before importing? Add a bookmark to the original Word file to facilitate editing if necessary,


That would be helpful. I’m not sure how to add a bookmark.

Edit: I think I just figured out how to use the bookmark feature. There’s another problem though. I use Scrivener on both Mac and Windows. The Mac version is version 3, the Windows is the beta for version 3. Bookmarks made on Mac do not work on the Windows version.

I use Windows in the office and Mac at home.

Perhaps this is a reason why we should have the option not to convert Word documents so that in either Windows or Mac environment the documents can be accessed and edited (though not within Scrivener).

I’m not sure of the current state of the beta, but the release version of Windows Scrivener supports external reference links.