Import Word files


I tried to import word files but in scrivener after the import the .doc file is empty.


Currently, .doc and .docx import–in order for them to come in and be converted for working in Scrivener–require Word to be installed on your computer. If Word is installed on your machine, what version is it? There are still some glitches with .doc import that Lee’s working out, so knowing that and what version of Windows you’re on would help. Thanks!

I’ve successfully imported a novel with whatever June’s version was. Have revised, edited, and loved Scrivener.

Thursday I imported another novel. I was using my minilaptop and moving chapters into chapter folders and it kept crashing. I restarted my machine and tried again. Crash, crash. So today I thought I would open it up on my desktop. Same results. Any suggestions? :bulb:

Was the crash happening when you imported the document or when you tried to move items around in the binder? If these were .doc files that you were importing, check (in Word) to see if they contain any special heading styles or the like, especially anything that would produce a hanging indent. Scrivener doesn’t seem to like that much, and it’s an import bug that’s on Lee’s list. Try stripping out styles (just set them all to “Normal”) in Word and saving a new copy and then importing that to see if you fare better.

A few other details that would help: A step-by-step description of how you were moving chapters when you got the crash–were you dragging items in the binder? importing directly into folders? using the Split function at all? If you could also grab your crash report from the Windows logs and paste that here, that would be great, along with what version of Scrivener you’re using (beta 026 is the latest, but beta 025 hasn’t expired so please check which you’re on) and what version of the operating system.

To grab the crash report generated by Windows*:

  1. Open the Control Panel and choose Administrative Tools (under System and Security if you’re viewing categories)
  2. Open Computer Management
  3. In the tree view, select System Tools\Event Viewer\Windows Logs\Application
  4. In the window on the right, you should see a list of reports Information, Error, and Warning. Group these by date and sort by level, and then look for any errors that occurred at the time of your crash–the source column should say something like “Application Error” or “Application Hang”. Selecting any one should show you the details in the lower part of the window; you can also double click to open it in a new window. Make sure that “Scrivener.exe” is referenced in the description of the error, and then use the Copy button to send the contents to your clipboard (if you get an option, choose “copy details as text” rather than “copy table”).
  5. Paste the crash details in a post here, with your description of the crash.
  • These steps are for Windows 7; Vista and XP may be slightly different. In XP I believe the path in step 3 is just System Tools\Event Viewer\Application

Ahh, that’s it! It has special formatting.

Thanks so much!

This is my situation after the .doc import:

with reference to the .doc file:
.- No icon in the Binder tree, only title’s file.
.- In the editor I see a grey background with the title of the file, I don’t see the text of the file.
Word 2003
.- The onkly “strange” things in the file are some links.

I had the same original problem (importing Word files that ended up empty) and I thought I’d just misread something and you couldn’t import .docs. I’ve got the fairly ancient Word 2002 and I’m on Windows 7 Home Premium.

jonschuppe: Comment moved to Mac forum as there is no shared code between platforms for importing .doc files.