Import Word files

Hey, I think I’m having trouble similar to the original poster. I just downloaded Scrivener, and I’m importing over files from Word. I’m on a Mac OSX Version 10.5.8 with Word for Mac 2011 Version 14.1. I’ve been trying to import files created in Word and they end up empty files.
As an aside, I have some other files, created in Apple’s Pages software, that I converted to Word and those files imported to Scrivener fine.
Please help.

I haven’t heard of anything like this recently. Generally we recommend you use RTF files as the .doc importer is a free thing supplied by Apple and doesn’t support as many features as the modified RTF import that Scrivener uses, and has minor formatting problems.

That aside, it’s hard to say what is going on given this information. What if for instance it is a document that is nothing but an embedded object like a spreadsheet that isn’t supported by the .doc importer, so it comes in blank. Any further information on what you’ve got in these files, how you made them, how large they are, etc?

It’s nothing complicated just a straightforward file of words - specifically an outline for a chapter of my book. No images or objects or spreadsheets. I tried a couple different documents composed in my version of word and neither worked which led me to conclude it was the version of word that was the problem. Maybe a bug, as another administrator suggested to an earlier poster. Like I said, other word documents - converted to word from Pages - worked fine.

If you could create a test file with your copy of Word that fails, and send that to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com, I’d appreciate it! Meanwhile, what happens if you use .doc instead of .docx, or .rtf? Is everything coming out of Word this way, or just in some formats?

I am having this same issue. The odd thing is, I originally imported this file from word a month ago and made edits to it in Scrivener. All of a sudden, there is absolutely no text. I tried to import it again and have had no luck. I keep a word file so I can save it in Dropbox and work in case I’m away from my computer. It’s very frustrating.

Could you clarify a bit on how this is the same issue? The bugs mentioned above are for importing “Word documents” that end up coming in blank, which is a bit vague and we still aren’t quite sure exactly what that means (RTF, DOC, etc). It sounds, from your description, that some pre-existing text you had in Scrivener (and thus, not actually from Word at that point) has spontaneously vanished, but perhaps I am misreading you. Are you saying now that the same exact “Word document”, which hasn’t been touched since the original import a month ago, is now importing blank? Or is this something you’ve been editing since then, and perhaps have even updated Word in the intervening time? Have any other variables changed, in other words.