Imported Document Condensed to the Left


I’m not sure how to explain this perfectly bare with me but when I import my word document into scrivener, all the text is condensed to one side, as if I had split screen on, but I do not. I checked my editor appearance, but it is the same as the files where I started the project in Scrivener (rather than importing something) so I’m not sure whatever could be going wrong, but it’s infuriating. Help!

Probably it was imported as a table. If you select the text you’ll be able to remove the table from the Format menu.

I tried that, but there is no table to remove. I converted the doc to an RTF before importing, so I’m not sure it’s a formatting issue from the original file?

You could try the formatting clean-up tips given in this knowledge base article. Some documents have a right indent set, which can cause text the word wrap before the edge of the editor.