Imported footnotes disappearing between windows and mac

I am having a problem with footnotes switching between mac and windows versions. I imported some footnoted text into the windows version at work and converted the in-line footnotes to inspector footnotes. All of that worked just fine.

I then edited and drafted more text in windows scrivener (including additional footnotes), saved everything to a flash drive and took the project home to my mac. When I opened the project on my mac, the footnotes were still marked in the text, but all of the footnotes that had been imported along with the original text were now blank. (The ones I had added in scrivener for windows were still there with no problems.) The footnoted text did not reappear when I opened the project back in windows. I re-entered the footnoted text while working in windows, but it just disappeared again the next time I needed to work on the project on my mac.

Is there anything I can do about this, or do I just need to delete all of the footnotes I imported and re-insert them?

(I am currently using the trial version of windows software, but have 2.4.1 on my mac)